Little Syne Suggests: Justin Roberts

What do you get when you mix great folk/rock with children's music? You get Justin Roberts!

I came across Justin Roberts a few minutes ago as I was browsing children's music blogs, and I had to come here and recommend Justin immediately. Justin Roberts makes great music; it's as if you're listening to a greatest folk and rock hits album, but the lyrics are children friendly. A good sign of top-quality children's music is that it can be enjoyed by anyone, no matter the age, and Justin Roberts definitely ticks that box! In fact, his tagline is "music for kids and their grownups", and it couldn't be more true!

Roberts is a four-time gGrammy nominee, and, not only that, he's a children's book author too! These are some of his book titles:

You can check out his books and music at

Don't miss out on this top-class artist! Happy listening!

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