Children's Song-

Instrumental Package


I will create a professional quality children's song without vocals for you based on your needs and requirements.  This is the perfect package if you need a song without vocals for you to record other vocals to or to use for your video series, animations, classroom exercises, sports academy activities, or more.   

•Fully produced original instrumental children's song arranged with many instrument tracks

•Each song is delivered as a high-quality audio file.

•Basic general mixing and mastering is included; individual audio/midi tracks are available upon request.

No pre-made loops are used; all music is %100 original. 

•I can also create a song based on your own melody and/or chords.

Feel free to message me before ordering if you have any questions.  If you are ready to order, please fill out the "Song Requirements Form" and then click "Buy Now".  You can send any reference files or links to


Song Requirements Form

Please take the time to fill out this requirement form as best as possible,  The more information I have, the better I can tailor your song to your specifications and needs. 

1. What is the nature of your project or musical need? (Is it for a children's show, a podcast, a children's backing track for sing-along, for an animation or short film, a gift for a loved young one, etc?)

2. Is there a particular tone, emotion, and/or other thematic quality that you would like the music to convey? Give as many descriptive words as you can think of, or as little as you need.
(Example words: Happy, sad, jungle sounding, heroic, villainous, dance-y)

3. This is an optional request:
For those with more technical requirements, If you have a preferred BPM or time signature, please provide either or both below.

4. This is an optional request:

Anything else you'd like me to know? Comments or concerns?