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Children's Music Production-
Client Originals by Little Syne

I also offer high-quality children's music production services and strive to make children's music as affordable and accessible as possible.!  I can help you produce your children's music too.  Have a listen to some of my past projects:

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Hi!  My name is Fernando JM.  I'm the creator of Little Syne, Syne (The Syneverse), and FJM Creative.  I'm a musician, writer, artist, educator, producer, and Latin American Yellow Wiggle.  For many years, I traveled and performed with the internationally renowned Australian children's music group, The Wiggles.  I managed a TV studio for 3 years in an IB private school, and I am currently a project manager for an educational tech company. Throughout all of this time I've produced educational segments, scripts, music, videos, and experiments related to every kind of topic, from physics to psychology, history to technology, and so much more!  These experiences have taught me so much about children’s music, performance, entertainment, and education, and now I get to use that knowledge and experience in my own creations!

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